Sunday, August 10, 2008

Patches, or the best dream EVER! :D

I just woke from one of the coolest dreams I've had in a long while.

I'm gonna skip ahead to talk about the cat-like creature. There were these little furry guys, that resembled cats, kind of long and noodley, with short, soft, fluffy fur. I remember that they were kind of anthro, in that they could speak human speech, and could walk and move around easily on their hid legs. They were jointed in a cross between cat and monkey physiology, with a long prehensile tail. The behavior was playful but kind of mischievous, like little tiny monkeys. In my dream, this little creatures were common companions, and you could buy them at a general store. They weren't kept in cages, but would make nests in the aisles. Christy and I were something like bounty hunters, and we were tracking this guy who stole our loot, when we turned onto this aisle and saw what looked at first like a kitten-pile. One of the little cat-like creatures bounced over to us and then stood on his hind legs and spoke to us. He(I assume he) asked us if we wanted a companion, and told us he had great tracking skills and was small so he could be very useful. I can't remember the exact words but that was the gist of the conversation. And then I woke up, before responding.

But, Patches (that's what I'm nicknaming the little guy) was just too precious. He was marked like a calico, mostly black with a big prominant orange patch over the left side of his face. It covered one eye, went up to his ear, that was small and shaped like the ear of a Scottish Fold, and the patch also went down and back around his head then trailed into little puffs that stopped about where a human's shoulder blades are. There were other less noticable patches all over, but it was that little half-helmet patch that made him so endearing, combined with his sweet little voice, and his attitude that was reminiscent of Michael, Christy's son. He had sparkling dark eyes, probably brown because the color didn't stand out to me. His tone of voice was somewhat childish, but I gathered that he was very young. I think we were probably going to keep him, and I recall knowing in my dream that they make great companion animals, and that after awhile they became bonded to the humans that took them. I remember knowing that they basically took care of themselves, but liked having Human companions, and required alot of attention, socially speaking.

And, to address the rest of the dream, it was like we were in a MMORPG. It definately wasn't earth, but there were alot of creatures somewhat similar to earth creatures. My creative brain was kicked into overdrive for this dream. I don't remember very much about the rest of the dream because it's been about a half hour since I woke, and I really wanted a record about the awesome cat-monkey-like creatures. The basic premise was that Christy and I were tooling around this place, I think bounty hunting.

But, yes, I'm going to attempt to draw Patches and when I do, I'll post the pictures here, with a link back to this entry. :3

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