Thursday, August 7, 2008

Drawing dump! Characters.

I've been drawing again. I don't have a scanner anymore so I took pictures of the pages in my sketchbook. I think I posted my self portrait here a little while ago, but if I didn't you can see it here. I've also drawn some of my dolls, as the characters they represent.

First, we have Onigiri and Ichigo. Ichigo is the mischievous looking one in back, in case the riceball necklace didn't give Onigiri away.

Next is Hoshiko, who will be a Sweet Dream Tsubaki. I have her character all worked out, and just need to go about buying her doll shell.

And, lastly I drew Elli as he looks in my mind. He's grown up alot, character-wise than his little Resin form shows. I eventually want to upgrade him to a Latidoll L, who has the right sort of look, but for now he stays in the babyfaced CustomHouse Mars. His name is actually Elijah Samuel, but I didn't like the way it looked in two vertical columns on the drawing.

I still need and want to draw a new header, but I'm feeling very inspired and I think I may work on designing my steampunk mech boy. I need to find a nice balance of clean lines and industrial look. *chews on lip* I also need to refine my ideas for a Unicorn boy, since I've decided to try and sculpt him myself. @_@ Wish me luck!


  1. Wow. Just wow! You've come a long way from that kid who drew little tiny people with little tiny cups and little tiny bowls. I know the last few years have been extremely difficult for you, but they have deepened your talent.

    I am thinking of getting a scanner next year with my bonus. Maybe we can find one that will do what I need it to do and be good enough for you to come over and use it, as well.

  2. I am so blown away by your talent. Wow can you draw.


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