Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doll Header Idea

I am feeling mightily creative. I got a fun idea for drawing a header for my blog. I want to draw all my current dolls as their characters, lounging around a livingroom. I currently have this as a header, and while it works okay, I want something more interesting. I could theoretically pose all the dolls, but that involves alot of fiddling and I had some ideas I couldn't really do in 3-D.. Like
Onigiri floating about the room like a ghost with his little hands floating there.. I have mental images of a rocket pack strapped to the back of his head. e_e I know that sounds really weird.

My main issue is that while I'm sure I could draw it out and it'd rock, I wouldn't have the energy to color it, and I don't just want a black and white picture.. So, I either need to draw it on my computer, or draw it out and color it myself, but that could drag out for months. ;_; Ugh. I may ask Pherret if he wants to color it for me.

Hrmm, I may drawn them somewhat chibified since that is simple and then take a picture and color it digitally, with just flat color. That would work I think. @_@ I like the idea of it anyway.

And, on another matter, I think I'm getting even more comfortable with myself. There are aspects of myself that I don't care for, like anyone has, but they're physical things that can be easily fixed. I've been steadily losing weight and getting into better shape, even just since I've been staying with Christy. My lower legs look more human than they have in years, and I don't need to puff on my inhalor every 20 steps anymore.

I've scheduled a physical for later this month, just to make sure I'm all healthy before I sign the papers and get back to Texas with no health insurance. I'm feeling very well physically but I want to be safe and take care of anything I need to, while I'm still covered by Tricare.

And, that's all for now. :3 I'll post again soonish. ^_^


  1. You sound relatively mentally healthy too which is always an accomplishment in our family!

  2. What she said, LOL! Though I would say "miracle" rather than "accomplishment". Considering what we have been through, individually and collectively, it's amazing that any of us has more than one or two marbles to clink together.

    [Once you're here, there's JPS until you have a good job with benefits.]


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