Sunday, August 24, 2008

I dyed my hair <3

Okay so, I've been meaning to bleach and dye my hair for like.. three weeks now, and I finally got to it. Sadly, I had less bleach than I thought so once I'd already applied a bit in the middle I gave up and washed it out. It lightened it a bit in the front.

Quickie before shot, so you can see what my hair looked like before I messed with it.

But, as I was saying, it lightened it up a bit in the top center of my head, like so:

The parts I had that were already blond went platinum and kept the color best when all was said and done. It would have been okay that soft brown I suppose but I would have liked to go completely blond. I just didn't realize I didn't have enough bleach till I'd already applied on the top and center. So, I washed it out, dried it off, and took the above picture of the results.

Then once it had dried I applied the blue to the mohawk part, and let it sit for about a halfhour to let the color set in. Once I washed that out, I flipped it up into the ducktail and took this quickie picture. :3
It looks darker cause it's wet but you can see what I mean about the color sticking best at the tips. It looks like I frosted it blue. XD I'm pretty pleased. Once it dried fully I took one more pic to show off the final color. The orangey bits went greenish, and the white went blue.

All in all I'm thrilled. X3 I figured that the blue washes/fades out after a few weeks so it doesn't hurt to put it in there for now. :3


  1. OK, we both know that blue is not *my* color, but on you it looks good!

  2. you're an adorable duck!.. or something. xD

    it looks better than when i tried to help you go blue a few years ago and you ended up with what looked like denim for hair. xD

  3. The blue turned out denim colored because it was 'Denim blue'. XD I like the blue that came out but I wish it had stayed the rich blue in the bottle. Maybe next time. :3

    Thanks Mom! I bet you could pull it off if you wanted to though. You could certainly pull off purple. :3 I know that with your professional job that isn't really an option though.

  4. I like it, it reminds me of a peacock's plume.

  5. If you can't have fun with your hair, what is there left?


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