Saturday, September 24, 2016

Second kidney stone of the year is done, I think.

The last several weeks have been a blur of pain haze, foggy memory, and for the last few days feeling really really drugged in between moments of intense pain. Because I actually had pain relief for this kidney stone I am somewhat less certain of when exactly I passed the stone.

I had several painful abdominal cramping sessions between my cuddles with a heating pad, and short naps with vivid dreams. Somewhere in that time the pain moved firmly out of my kidney, and this morning I can't find any spot of pain, discomfort, distinctly OTHER feeling of where the stone might be, so I can only conclude that in one of the painful cramping moments I did actually pass it.

I have little memory of October at all. I think I pretty well fell off the radar. I don't remember much of September either to be honest. I am relieved that I was sick, because it makes a bunch of my "WHAT IS THIS" symptoms make sense. I am still physically drained, though well-hydrated, and have quite a bit of residual pain, but it's not actively passing a kidney stone pain now. I think it's "I just passed a kidney stone and boy did leave an internal mark" pain.

Holy crap I'm confused. We aren't in October yet are we? What the hell. Did I mention vivid dreams? LOTS OF VIVID DREAMS?!

Right then, I'm done. I'm going to lay down with my heating pad. I will be trying to catch up with everyone over the weekend and into next week.

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