Thursday, September 22, 2016

Oops, another kidney stone.

I've been having some troubling symptoms  for I guess a couple of weeks. Fever coming and going, increasing lower back pain, and quite a bit of nausea without the usual migraine as accompaniment.

Turns out I have my second kidney stone this year. The first I can firmly blame on Topamax which I am no longer on. This one? No idea. I was told I might be more prone after the first stone.

I discovered my back pain was kidney pain quite by accident. I asked Mom to look at my back and tell me if there was any bruising (I've been falling down, running into things) and she said no and asked if it could be a kidney stone. I said "No, because that would hurt here *knuckle to kidney in back* OW!!" Instant bruise where my knuckle had been.

So I slept on it, emailed my doctor whom I had just seen for routine blood work, and he told me if I suspected a kidney stone to please go directly to the ER. So, we did when Mom got off work yesterday and it was or is indeed a small stone in the kidney and thankfully no infection.

Today Mom and I will make a quick run to the pharmacy for medicine to help it pass easier and with less pain and then I'll be housebound until the stone passes.

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