Saturday, September 17, 2016

First big DFW meetup.

I spent Wednesday afternoon with my brother and his wife. We had a fun time playing video games and binge watching TV, just hanging out. We watched a complete season of "How I Met Your Mother" which was initially on for background noise as Logan and I played Dragon Quest 9 and I directed through plot points.

I've been watching Being Human (original UK version) and am into Series 5 now, and it's gone a bit odd as they do a few seasons in. I want to keep going but I'm beginning to be bored with it, which makes me sad. There are some compelling plot things I want to watch play out but there's too much of the old villain is destroyed (again) meet new more Villainy villain. It's ..a weird cliche of supernatural TV shows and I remember it so much when I used to watch Buffy. It drove me nuts then too.

So.. I'm also knitting. I've been slowly working on a doll sweater, and when I finish it, I am wanting to try to size the pattern up for MSD and possibly down for TinyDelf. I am not ready to do the necessary math for that right now though.


Last night I went to my first big local public BJD meet at Pie Five and it was nice. I just woke up from a weird anxiety dream in which a "local" person was hosting a meet at their house, cornered me and was either aggressively hitting on me or trying to make me feel unwelcome by being the wrong sort of friendly. I woke up in an anxious way breathing hard and feeling freaked out.

I chalk that up to meeting so many new people. Mom and I sat quietly with our dolls and were friendly, everyone there was friendly, but I felt myself slipping out away into "I'm not here because I literally can not process any of this anymore" overwhelmed place. Mom either picked up on that or was also just done. We made polite goodbyes, and both came home and went pretty immediately to bed.

I took Robbie my School C boy, and Mom took Grace her Pukifee Shiwoo girl.

The only people I knew from actually having met physically before were my brother's roommate Ed, and Debbie and Crockett. There were many beautiful dolls and everyone seemed friendly but I was rather too intimidated to go over and visit with people that weren't seated just right next to me. I'm not sure if even half of the usual people were there but it was way too many people for my comfort zone, even if they are NICE people.

It's really strange because I can remember hosting doll meets and setting up meets for Southeast Virginia shortly after I moved there in 2006/2007, and because we were so far south we rarely had more than six or seven people show up, and it wasn't always the same people but I don't think they started to get bigger until towards the end when I stopped hosting/scheduling them. I don't know if anyone out there is till hosting them. The community there fluctuates so much because of the military.

I have many friends I met through BJDs who have relocated to the DFW area since we started being friends which is really cool, but DFW is a HUGE metroplex and that makes coordinating difficult and overwhelming. I like the big meetup in theory but I think next time I go I will take an anxiety pill before we go, and sit in the corner with my back to the wall. I met too many new people at once and that anxiety is likely to spill over for several days.

I took some photos but my hands were shaking pretty badly so I'll try to post the least blurry ones.


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