Thursday, September 8, 2016

Migraines and knitting.

So.. one of my migraine medications makes it super easy to sleep and the other switches me on like woah. I had migraine backlash this evening so I took the other one, because I had taken my preferred (Imitrex) several times in the last couple of weeks and I'm supposed to be alternating them.

I lay down to sleep/rest, plugged my phone in to charge, rolled over.. and suddenly I was WIRED. Aggravated, I got up, turned the light back on, and grabbed my knitting.

I finished a the hat for Logan's Pan yesterday and cast on a sweater for Yo-SD. I'm about four rows past where the sleeves split off (raglan pattern) and I've set it aside so I don't make any serious fatigue mistakes.

Have I posted any of the knitting I've done recently? I don't think that I have. Since I made Owen's sweater in July 2015, I haven't really been able to knit because I was so sick. Since I got to Texas late June of this year, I have made a stuffed cat, two sweaters, and the hat for Logan's doll Pan.

First I made Beans the Cat, which I named Bohne die Katze, which if my German isn't too rusty should translate to "Beans the Cat" because I was either going to do it in German or Spanish, and I think Osaka beat me to it with naming one Frijoles del Gato. I may also make a black or brown one named Frijoles del Gato, but it will be smaller than the first one I made.

I'm not fluent in German or Spanish, truly, but I know enough that I can do silly stuff like that. I named my last cat Decke Ventilator Von Souffle, which if I recall correctly was "ceiling fan" in German with Von Souffle tacked on the end, because I was a goofball. I loved that cat.

Anyway knitted stuff. First we have Beans:

Then I made Toby a sweater of his own in a soft acrylic which has hints of tan and pink:

Then feeling confident I made another sweater from the same pattern from different tidbits that were all gifts from friends. I called the project the Friendship Sweater:

And last for now, is the hat intended for Pan, modeled by October:

In addition to late night knitting I've also been organizing playlists for my mp3 player and putting music back on my laptop that was accidentally deleted, from the mp3 players. I made a new playlist for when I'm just hanging out at the house.

Going back to my migraine medicine, I think that my backup medication (Maxalt) is aggravating my insomnia. I will bring it up with my doctor when I see him later this month and see if instead of alternating the two as needed migraine medications, I can just get more of the Imitrex. Doctors seem to be really stingy with migraine medication which baffles me because it doesn't get you high, and honestly it makes me feel like crap, just less like crap than I do when I actively have a brain-screaming migraine. It's probably a legislative thing but it's frustrating all the same. I would prefer not to even risk repeating the 9 month migraine and right now I'm still fighting out of the two week-ish one.

Random thoughts. I'm going to try to sleep.. again I think.

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