Sunday, March 6, 2016

I'm gonna make a Shiny Sylveon Gijinka outfit for Ichigo.

Monday (Feb. 29th) I was let go from Lowe's for too many medical absences. The paper I was made to sign phrased it as failure to work my schedule as written. As I've said here before I believe, none of my medical absences have been excused, regardless of medical paperwork, doctor's notes, etc. That does include my hospitalization for pneumonia in June of 2015, as well as many ER visits since then for compounding health issues, pretty well documented here. I have all of my original doctor's notes.

That said, I have been resting and focusing on school work before I start looking for work again. I've been exhausted and very sick for a long time, so I've needed the rest. Spring Break is this coming week, and I plan to spend it making a special outfit for Ichigo to get back into sewing, and also because I haven't sewn or knit anything since before I was hospitalized I think. I may have managed to crank out a small knitted project here or there, but for the most part I've been in too much pain.

So, the project that I am doing is a Shiny Sylveon inspired outfit. It will be white with blue and pink accents, and I plan to make a headband and tail for the Gijinka aspect. I have sketched up a design for it, and pulled out the appropriate ribbons, lace, buttons, snaps, and some fabric. I need to hit up the fabric store(s) for a small amount of blue material in the right weight and color for the vest I want to make, and also a little bit of fabric to make matching socks that can be used for shirts or other stuff in later projects.

I'm really excited about this project, and I keep having thoughts or ideas and tweaking the design but I think that's normal in the brainstorming and planning phase. I'm doing this as part of a sewing prompt on Den of Angels, and I'm looking forward to seeing not just my design, but everyone's outfits come together.

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