Saturday, March 26, 2016


So.. the daily migraine medication I take works wonders for my headaches, and with imitrex as needed my migraines are finally beginning to be under control. My anxiety on the other hand is through the roof. I've found myself unable to sleep several nights in the last week, regardless of whether or not I have school next day.

About 28 hours ago I scripted all 30 days of the BJD Meme. I have spent the last several hours poking at Facebook, poking at Ravelry, tweaking settings on both, and just.. AWAKE. I took my Psych test at about 5am, and did better than I expected but not well. My anxiety was ramping up though so I knew I needed to get that just done.

My thoughts are unfocused and I'm finding myself wanting to withdraw. Social interaction is increasingly difficult. My insomnia is affecting others. I need a focusing point or something to pull myself together.

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  1. Focus on this: you and me in the Tardis, checking out where our ancestors came from, and eating any chocolate we find on the way.


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