Thursday, February 18, 2016

Medical Health

So, I saw a neurologist back in November and was put on a daily medication and an as needed medication, both of which were supposed to help with my migraines, and neither of which do. The daily medication is for certain the culprit for the kidney stone I developed and then passed, which is actually good news. My being sensitive and resistant to medication is a big red tick in the check list for towards a positive diagnosis of both conditions that my neurologists thinks that I have.

The good news is that I will be stepping off of the old medications immediately, and switching to a new daily, and a new (expensive UGH) as needed medication, and also a supplement that is supposed to help prevent migraines. He wrote a script for the supplement the first time but I never picked it up. I don't remember why, and I found the script for it later (like when I did my taxes what?) going through medical receipts. I don't have the new meds yet because the pharmacy has to order them, but they should be in tomorrow, and I'll pick them up after class.

Can I just say, again, that I really like my neurologist? I will see him once more before I leave for Texas. I missed my original followup which was scheduled for January 19th I think, because of my kidney stone, but they were all really understanding about that. One of the things that stands out about Dr Karim, is that he takes me seriously, takes my pain seriously, is respectful, and takes my concerns seriously. I really appreciate that, and I wish that it were possible to continue to see him through the diagnosis stage and finding the right medication stage, and I think he wishes that too. He is excited by how different my case is medically, but he is human and respectful about it and acknowledges that his excitement is NOT about my pain, just the challenge that it provides for him. He likes puzzles, and I am a medical puzzle.

Probably diagnoses at this point, POTS, and EDS. EXTENSIVE further testing needed.

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