Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ack. My joints suck.

I have just spent about 9 hours cleaning, organizing and redressing my dolls, and now my back and joints are screaming.

I still need to take photos but I'm giving into sleep first. I've been wanting to do a massive group shot, but it takes so long to dust and dress 32 dolls in varying sizes and then arrange them carefully for photos.

I plan to take individual portrait shots of each doll and then one large group photo that shows all of them clearly. I'm not sure I have the room or strength for that part.

Additionally I seem to have partially dislocated my left shoulder from handling the largest and heaviest of them, and now I don't have room to roll it back into socket by laying on the floor and applying pressure. So.. that sucks.

Right now I am laying on my memory foam wedge pillow and hoping for some relief. I think I'm in too much pain to sleep but I have a long day ahead of me. Even if I can't sleep, laying still should ease my shoulder pain.

I need to get up in a couple hours for optimal lighting and so I have time to take photos, put everyone away, and tidying up with time for homework and a couple of job applications.

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