Monday, March 21, 2016

Current Cupcake Crew

I made a thing! And by a thing, I mean I photo collage, two actually because the image and file size were too large without breaking it up.

This is all of my currently at home Humanoid resin dolls, that are heads on bodies. This does not include Epona my pony, Zhiti my head cat, or my Kaiju Ryarlyn. Also not included are floating heads. I did take some photos of them grouped by size since I could NOT fit all 31 dolls into a single image. I did try, which was how I messed up my back and arm. So below we have first SDs, then MSDs and Reji my sole Puki, and then Yo-SD scaled dolls. I forgot to take photos of the 14cm tinies in this shoot so I have included an older photo of them together.

I noticed after the fact that my Yo-scaled tinies aren't much more than I had a few years ago, but then I realized it was because despite several new acquisitions, the number is roughly the same since several have gone on to new homes.

So yep, portraits of everyone with names, then grouped by size. I will probably never try to do this again because of the physical toll it took on me.

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