Thursday, March 10, 2016

Introducing Twinkle, and sleep health.

So, yesterday (Tuesday) I determined that much of my back and hip ache is from sleeping on my side on the wedge pillow that I received (Thanks Andi!) after I was hospitalized with pneumonia in June 2015. So, since the cover needed washing anyway, rather than throwing a blanket over it, I removed the wedge for one night to see if that eased the pain of my back and hips at all.

I have not had so restless a sleep in I don't know how long. I woke up many times through the night, feeling like I was having trouble breathing, I couldn't get comfortable, and Osaka reported in the morning when I mentioned that I had slept like CRAP, that in stark contrast to usual, she could hear me snoring loudly and apnea several times through the night. x_x;; So. while my back gets sore from sleeping on my side (the only position I can stand to sleep in) overall the pillow has done wonders for my breathing and not aspirating acid.

So, the pillow with the cover nice and clean now, is back in place, and I will not make that mistake again. Next time I need to wash the cover, I will just wrap a blanket around the pillow.

In non-health news, Osaka painted up Twinkle (my deertaur) for me, and I LOVE how his face turned out.

He's got little teefers! If Osaka is willing and happy to do so, I'd like her to do his body blushing as well. He turned out beautifully and I am so pleased with his gorgeous face and slightly ginger fluff markings. @u@ Less visible are beautifully blushed ears, and his natural looking fade out on the forehead towards the hairline, which ends up looking rather like soft velvety fur on his face. :D

I have determined that while his little centaur body doesn't need clothes, I want to make him a warm sweater to wear since his torso looks like it would get cold. He has sculpted fluff on the lower half of his body but I imagine he has only light velvety fuzz if any hair, on his upper body.

I don't remember if I ever posted his arrival or not, but this is a proper, introducing Twinkle who now has a name and face entry.

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  1. I will knit one for him once I've fulfilled my commitment to Avery's sweater (still being designed and redesigned in my head).


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