Tuesday, March 29, 2016

30 Day BJD Meme Day 5

30 Day BJD Meme

Day 5: What/who was the very first BJD you saw?

The very first one that I saw in person was Ro, but the doll that got me looking at BJDs and researching them was a Volks Sweet Dream doll, an SD I think. I'm not sure of the exact sculpt, but I followed a link from a signature on Gaiaonline back in 2003 or early 2004 to their DeviantArt page and learned that the girl I had been looking at was from a company called Volks.

From there I saw Shirou Tachibana and it was love at first sight. Unforunately Shirou was a limited release, and unavailable when I was shopping around for real in 2005, and I ended up going with a Dream of Doll Tender Yen after determining that a Luts Chiwoo was going to be too large to easily play with. I was still stunned at how big Ro was.

6) Biggest size you own? (Have held/seen/like)
7) Smallest size you own? (Have held/seen/like)
8) What is your favorite size?
9) What is your least favorite size?
10) Post a picture of a doll and an animal!
11) Free day! Pick something you love about the hobby to share.
12) What do your friends think of your dolls/dolls in general?
13) Dollie shoes! Show us how many you have!
14) Have you ever had a floating head? What about a headless body? (What do you think you would do if you had either?)
15) What does your family think of your dolls?
16) Can any of your crew stand on their heads? (Show us~)
17) What is your favorite item of dollie clothing?
18) Do you have a favorite company?
19) A least favorite company?
20) What is your dream doll?
21) One doll you love, but will never (probably) buy?
22) What’s your favorite doll scale prop?
23) Is there a part of the BJD hobby that you dislike?
24) What about your favorite part of the hobby?
25) Have you ever modded a doll? (Do you think that you would?)
26) Done your own faceups? (Again, do you think you’d do that?)
27) Do you have a favorite out of your own dolls? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell the others ;D)
28) Post a crazy/silly pose!
29) Post a picture of your dolls exploring the outside world!
30) Have you ever been to a doll meetup? Did you enjoy it/do you plan to go to one in the future?

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