Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Destined to Teach

Today (Monday) the last of my professors asked me my major, and then told me that they were sure I was going to be a teacher, specifically on the college level. We continued discussing class and I walked her to her car before heading off to the bus stop.

So to date, every single professor I've had, has recommended that I go into teaching, and every single one of them specifically has said on the college level.

When I relayed this to Osaka she said "Well, look at what you're wearing!" and flapped her hands at me. I was wearing khakis and a dark blue polo shirt. I generally wear polos and khakis to school, because frequently I was going from work, and it was just easier that way. I have worn fun t-shirts and shorts but for most of both semesters I've worn khaki pants and polo shirts. I don't even really like polo shirts but I think they're better than short sleeved button down shirts, for warm weather, because they breathe better.

I have considered going into teaching before. I still want to get my degree in American Sign Language, but if I do end up switching to an education major then I already have my two years of language for it. I don't know what I would specialize in though. I love English, I like Math fine but my skills are a bit rough, I'm passionate about languages, passionate about History and Theology. Maybe I could do a Religions course, like the one I'm taking this semester. It's Religions of the World, and many of the religions I have studied prior to the class so while I am learning new things, I have come in with more commentary, thoughts, and questions than some of the students.

That was actually what prompted my professor this evening to ask my major. Several of my classmates did their presentations on different religions, most of which I had intimate knowledge of from prior research, and so when she got up to continue the lesson she stopped and asked if I knew anything about Shinto religion before she started, to which I replied that I knew some, and she asked if there was any religion I did NOT know something about, and I shrugged helplessly and laughed "I'm passionate about religions!" Then she asked my major, and told me I should teach.

If I am destined to teach it will happen, but my focus right now is my health, and my education in general. We'll see what happens when I continue education in Texas.

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  1. In college you would (most likely) be teaching people who *wanted* to be there.


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