Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Robbie, Marek, and to a lesser extent Avery backstory

In randomness, I got a glimmer of backstory from Robbie this evening. I have known since before he had his body, that he was doll-type me. I also had him as a single father initially, and later as the biological father of Christopher Owen, with Marek(an unknown) as second Daddy.

(Nothing graphic, but this does contain discussion of sexuality, and implied acts.)

Marek has had a few different incarnations in my mind, but nothing in resin form yet. I know a few things about him, which have stayed the same, but as Robbie has developed, aspects of their story have changed.

One constant is that Marek considers himself Straight, and is initially baffled by his attraction to Robbie, and it takes some time for him to act on it. Even after committing to a long term relationship (sometime in the future) he still considers himself straight with Robbie as the sole exception.

I envision him as a slightly more muscular taller man with coloring like Bear, but an adult. Golden eyes, and dark golden hair, possibly with facial hair. I won't know for certain until I figure out who his resin form is supposed to be. I think it will likely be when I track down an doll I've been meaning to get or something like that. He could end up looking like anything. It's WHO he is that is important.

Anyway, I learned how Robbie and Marek initially met. Robbie got Christopher Owen when he was about two months old, I think. Maybe three months at the very oldest. He was essentially left on his doorstep in a car-seat with a note saying "This is yours. He's your problem now." The birth certificate was included, and Robbie knows who the Mother was but she has pretty much disappeared from the face of the planet (for now). I know more about that, but that's a different backstory.

So, Robbie suddenly has an infant son to care for, which his family helps with quite a bit initially, but he decides he needs to take a cooking course if he has a child to raise. Robbie works from home as a graphic designer and software programmer, until Christopher Owen enters his life, and eventually goes on to publish a series children's stories about Gay parenting and the little kids that are a part of it.

At this cooking course he meets Marek who has a job that requires quite a bit of travel. I have no idea exactly what he does, just that he is gone quite a bit. They end up working together as some of the more serious students in the course because Marek is passionate about cooking (it's his big hobby), and Robbie is serious about learning some basics and not so basics so that he can cook nice meals for Christopher Owen as he gets older.

They end up getting along really well, and hanging out outside of the class, in which Robbie, being me talks quite about about himself, self exploration, figuring out who he is and what he wants and admits that he might be bi-curious. He's only had one "serious" relationship, which ended abruptly in pregnancy. This added up later (when Christopher Owen appeared), but when she disappeared he was crushed because she was the only girl he'd ever really been attracted to.

Marek is a good listener and finds it an interesting concept (the bi-curious) but he's never been attracted to men at all, and is quite content not to be in a relationship because of all the travel he does for his job. After a time Marek realizes he might have a crush on Robbie, but because he is decidedly straight, tucks it away in the back of his mind and throws himself into his work.

When the cooking course ends, Marek takes on additional work and is gone for about a year, but he stays in contact intermittently through email and facebook. He asks after Christopher Owen, and finds himself absurdly jealous to find out that Robbie has an on and off relationship with Avery (because Avery doesn't like to commit).

The next time Marek is in town he decides to show off some of the cooking skills he's been polishing and invites Robbie over for a meal and to catch up. Robbie gets a babysitter, since he and Marek had always ended up talking for hours, and they end up discussing relationships, and invariably, Robbie admits that he has realized he is very definitely gay, and he isn't really sure why things worked at all with Christopher Owen's Mother.

Marek ponders this, and they hang out a few more times before Marek is about to go away again for awhile and he decides to admit that he has a crush on Robbie, and has had, since shortly after they met. He explains that he is pretty sure he's straight, and he has no idea why he is attracted to Robbie, but asks if Robbie is currently in a relationship, and whether he would be willing to experiment so that Marek can close the book on the crush or try to, and they can get on with their friendship.

Robbie agrees. It's not hard, he feels very comfortable with Marek, as he has been there for him as a friend since shortly after he became a surprise father. They don't go all the way that I am aware of, before Marek leaves for an extended time again, but they do some experimentation, and it changes their friendship. Marek continues to keep in contact, and Robbie continues to do his own thing (with Avery mostly), as there was no expectation of a relationship, and things stay in flux for awhile.

I do know that even after they are firmly in a relationship Marek continues in his high-paying high-travel work, and he gives Robbie permission to see his on again off again person when he isn't around as long as he ONLY sees them, and they use protection. Avery is okay with that, since he doesn't really do commitment, and knowing that he can continue to scratch that itch with Robbie as long as Marek is away is all he really wants, and doesn't have the same risk associated with an anonymous hookup.

Timeline-wise Marek should already be here in Resin form, but since I can't seem to settle on a sculpt for him, he has come and gone in my head. I had just about given up on him until he spoke up this evening.

Allister/Osaka and I were discussing how Rei (one of her lovelies) doesn't do ground meat, and Marek piped up that he makes homemade sausage and that cooking is his passion/hobby. Then everything kind of fell into place. Nothing is firm until he is in resin, as they have a mind of their own.

It should be noted that almost every single one of my dolls is some aspect of myself and I think that's why it's been so hard to pin down Marek. He's the part of me that is GAY but has been both romantically and sexually attracted to very specific women(but in reverse). Robbie represents much of what I could have been if I had been born in the correct body. Avery is all the bravado and confidence condensed into one cocky, VAIN, beautiful man.

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