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Lucas, Robbie, and other backstories.

I was brainstorming with Osaka/Allister this evening in regards to where Robbie gets his beautiful hand-knits. Obviously some of them would be from his mother (since I have some GORGEOUS hand-knits from Mom) but with as much as I will be knitting for him over the years it makes sense for there to be more than one source. There are also stylistic differences in my mother's knitting versus mine so it would cover that as well.

Allister hit upon it by remembering a detail I'd been brainstorming last time I touched on Robbie's story regarding his relationships and how Christopher Owen happened. I don't think I included this detail in my summary though.

Lucas is the name of the trans boy that Robbie was seriously dating before the accidental pregnancy. Lucas was entirely pre-transition and closeted. I have a sculpt in mind for him, and I know he ties in with Lishe!Mom as either a sibling or a first cousin. I was leaning towards Lucas being the "other" daughter in their family of mostly boys, possibly even making them Middlest like I was, with two older brothers, and a younger brother, and Lishe!Mom as the baby of the family.

I would only likely have Lucas and Lishe!Mom out of all the kids, and MAYBE some of the brothers if I can get the type 1 Chiwoo and type 1 El that I would still like to have. This really hinges on my being able to track down unmodified type one versions of El, Lishe, Soony, and Chiwoo.

So, Lucas is sibling to Simon Oliver and Owen Sebastian's red-headed Mommy. Which means, that Lishe!Mom is Aunt to Christopher Owen (and aware of this). Lucas confides in her after he has the baby and then runs away to transition. He didn't really NEED to run away, as his family is incredibly supportive, but he didn't know that when he did it, and while things are a bit awkward, the only one he told about the baby was his sister (making her SWEAR not to tell the family), who helped him to take care of the baby until he left it on Robbie's doorstep.

Lucas and his sister are very close, and I'm trying to decide if I want them to be identical twins (I'm leaning towards Delf Nihal for Lucas) or stick with him as the Middlest child, which speaks to my own experience. I REALLY LIKE TWINS.

Anyway I had to tell you that so I could tell you this! Lishe!Mom knits, and she makes lots of gorgeous things for her brothers, and for Robbie, because she adores her Nephew and is excited that Robbie lets her be in his life. Robbie knew her (and most of Lucas's family) pretty well because they were dating pretty seriously. He has chosen not to reach out to the family because in the note Lucas left, he told Robbie that he'd kept the baby a secret and NOT to contact the family and make things even harder.

So, many of Robbie's beautiful hand-knits are from Lishe!Mom (and I REALLY need to figure out the names of her and her family).

Also I learned/figured out a bit more about Soony!Mom. I kind of knew that she was raised by her Grandma (and Grandfather), and grew up calling them Mom and Dad. She was the result of a teenage pregnancy if I recall correctly, but I don't know or remember if I've written that out anywhere or it's just head-canon. I also determined that Grandma/Mom is Korean, and Grandfather/Dad is white, so Soony is at least bi-racial. They married and had their one and only daughter fairly young, so Grandma/Mom is a young Grandma.

So I stewed on that a bit and determined that Soony's teenage mother was 14 when she got pregnant, didn't say anything to anyone, and concerned mother took her to the doctor when she was about 4 months along because she'd been having troubling symptoms, and was beginning to show. No one thought she was pregnant, because while she was hyperactive and social, she hadn't really shown any interest in dating and she was only 14 so her mother thought it might be something like cancer, since there was growth and pain and fatigue, and alarming symptoms.

At the doctor's office the did blood tests, and general checkup and announced that she was about four months pregnant and her mother freaked out. She demanded to know who the boy was, and how this happened, and what in the world was going on. The daughter mouthed off, said some hateful things (threatened abortion, that was her first reaction, despite it being past the legal threshold) and told her mother that should could try and figure out who the dad was when the baby popped out.

She (teenaged mom) never came around, and after the baby came she signed her over and her parents legally adopted her, named her, and raised her. Teenage!Mom (who will someday get a name, but she's mostly a distant background character) did finish Highschool and promptly moved away. Soony resembles her, but looks more asian, like her Grandma/Mom, so they suspect the father was asian, but they aren't sure exactly which background since their daughter has refused to ever name the father (he isn't even on the birth certificate).

Soony is aware of all this and has no strong feelings about her mother. She doesn't remember her being around, but there are family photos of her in the home, and she is talked about mostly by Grandpa/Dad who misses her dearly. Grandma/Mom never really had a chance to work things out with her, and they haven't spoken at all since she moved out with no warning after Highschool.

Soony is incredibly well adjusted considering, and had the sex talk very young, so that she could be well informed and hopefully prevent history from repeating. In fact it was after several years of her not dating (or appearing not to be dating) that Grandma/Mom told her that it was actually okay to date, and she wouldn't chase off boys, she just wanted Soony to be happy, healthy, and safe. And that is when she politely corrected that no she was in fact dating, and yes her parents had actually met the person she was dating, and it was Lishe, whom they had assumed was just her best friend.

Once her parents got over their surprise they were very happy for her, and when the girls got married (and after the BUT WE WANT GRANDBABIES talk) they did the invitro fertilization so they could have the boys.

In discussing with Osaka/Allister, we determined that on one of Lishe's visits to see her Secret Nephew, she found out just how close Robbie lived to Christian (his best friend) and with some bold encouragement from Robbie met up with Christian and Sebastian so that Lorelei could meet her brothers.

So that explains the knitting (Robbie never picked it up, his artistic focus is on graphic design and illustrating) AND quite how the first interaction between Christian and his sons went, and ties together a bunch of different elements with a nice neat bow. I just need to focus on Lucas and figure him out some more.

Theoretical doll plans for 2015, get a Delf Nihal (Alacarte/Mychoice/whatever) for Lucas, get Crobidoll Tori for Owen Sebastian, bodies for Crunchy, Kakashi, and Ro, and if I happen to see them, try to get any of the El, Lishe, Soony, Chiwoo dream crew. Which brings me back to, I need to find work, and also sort out whether I'm going to do Spring Semester, or aim for Summer Semester at TCC.

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