Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Picking a name.

I've been thinking hard lately about my name. Originally I'd wanted to keep my birthname, because it can be gender neutral, and I wanted my transition to be as easy as possible on my family.

I know this is a somewhat common problem for people in my position. Some jump in, and end up cycling through many names, just adding to the confusion for those struggling to help and support them. I wanted to avoid that. However, I think I do need to step away from the name I grew up with.

That name calls to mind, a young girl, for many people. And I'm not that girl. I was her, once, a long time ago, but I haven't been that little girl for quite a while.

The further I get along though, the more I see a need to have an obvious separation from that part of myself. I recognize it, and won't deny my past, but I feel that it's important that I take a new name, that fits me.

So I come to my current position. I need to pick a name. If my family and friends have any suggestions, I will happily hear them out. I'd prefer to keep my initials if I can.

Alot of transmen who name themselves end up with (in my opinion) ridiculous names, that out them as being something other than a traditional male. They go for weird spellings or unusual names for the time they were born. That's why I'm asking advice.

I know Rorek isn't a common name. Robyn is an uncommon (but known) spelling for a common name. I want something I will be able to respond to and feel right. I want something mostly normal but a little different, like what I had as a kid. I want it to sound right next to the names of my siblings and parents. And I want it to be something I can easily learn to respond to. I'd LIKE to keep my initials, RMC.

These are the R names I've found in my searchings (for first names):

Ronan - Celtic boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) little seal (the animal)

Roarke - Irish Celtic boys name which means (meaning) famous ruler

Rhain - Welsh Celtic boys name which means (meaning) lance (implying brave warrior)

Rory - Celtic boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) red haired or red king

Rowan - Celtic boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) little redhead

These are the M names I've looked at:

Melan - Celtic name of a Saint in Cornwall and Brittany

Math - Welsh boys name of uncertain origin or meaning but was a historical Welsh King

Moran - Celtic boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) white as the sea

I want something with a similar ring to my birth name, and I think combining some of these can get that. I've leaned towards Celtic, Irish, and Welsh names because of my heritage, of which I am immensely proud. I am open to more traditional American names too.

Ideally I'd like to get the name picked and have my legal name change done before year's end.


  1. Well if your first name ends up ending in "n", then I'd go with a different ending for the middle name.

  2. I kind of like Ronan. It is similar to Robyn but different enought to be the new you??

  3. I only like Rowan, though that's my cat's name.
    How about Rider, Randy, Roland. Nathan, Nero. Just random names.


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