Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1 year on Testosterone, and why I'm not at Home Depot.

Today was officially one year on Testosterone. If I remember correctly, I had my first shot August 22nd, 2010. Actually I should've made this post on the 20th, according to what I have recorded on livejournal. Even so.

Alot has happened in one year, and I took some photos later the other night when insomnia was keeping me up. I have changed alot physically. It's most noticeable in my face, and so I present to you, this comparison.

It may seem subtle, but when I look at older photographs it's hard for me and others to recognize that as me. Even photos from 6 months ago, or 3 months ago, look different.

Granted I haven't been great about taking photos over the past year. I've gone through alot of uncomfortable changes that I didn't want photographic evidence of. I had issues with acne for several months at the beginning, and it took a long time for that to settle down and my body to adjust.

It's been a long year. It's been stressful. But I'm still standing, and I'm still happy.

The job hunt continues. I've been putting in applications, heard back (negatively) from some, heard back from others that my application(s) are under consideration.

The situation with Home Depot had to do with two (completely bogus) customer complaints. Customer complaints count for more than any other issues, and two was all it took for me to go on final notice, from no issues. It was recommended to me that I could put in my two weeks notice and retain re-hirable status, or I could wait for any minor complaint and be let go unceremoniously.

Because of the pending dental procedure, to finish my root canal, on the 29th, I did put in two weeks notice. This way I will still be technically covered during the time of the procedure, and I can theoretically go crawling back (but apply for a different department) in a few months if I find nothing else.

Other factors, that I had to consider, were the uncertainty of my future in Virginia Beach, which depends on where Pherret finds civilian employment, and the fact that Home Depot already had my replacement hired.

If I hadn't put in two weeks notice, they would have found something insignificant they could let me go over. So that's the whole story.


  1. When you were little, you looked so much like your Grandma Bonnie (the heart-shaped face). Now, your face is longer, and the resemblance to my mom is startling. You look like you're about to tell me to go clean my room :)

    Love you!

  2. Go clean your room! (Turn about's fair play after all.)

    Love you too!

  3. Apply at Lowes!
    Good luck with the job hunt.


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