Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vicodin helps the pain but not the nerves.

My root canal is Friday, the 12th. I could have gotten in tomorrow, but I would have had to call off work, and things are tight with some people quitting and the newbies not completely trained yet, and also I don't have the personal time. So, it's Friday 1:30pm.

I am nervous, but as my pain as amped up, I'm just relieved that the end is in sight. After the pain, frustration with vicodin and penicillin side effects, and general stress levels, this root canal should feel like nothing at all.

The vicodin has had me moody, short tempered, and blunt. I'm honest anyway, but I mean BLUNT, as in no filter at all, not even the one of social civility. So I've been snapping at people when they're getting on my nerves, and the littlest things have been getting on my nerves.

I've been on edge for a long while because things are complicated in our apartment-life, and with changes comes adustment etc. Pherret, bless him, has been a different man since he's returned from Afghanistan, and has finally come to terms (or at least is beginnning to) with the fact that he has PTSD. He finally admitted it in June when Osaka, Ringo, and I were in Tennessee on vacation, and there was no one home to blame for being totally stressed out.

I like Pherret alot. He's a good friend. And, I've had a very difficult time being as patient as I need to be with him, well before I started medicating for the tooth pain.

With the vicodin, I've been more visually annoyed/stressed by him, and it's been hard to control my reactions. Today I thought I was doing a great job of biting my tongue and keeping my temper, until he had a minor episode in the evening and blurted out that he was doing fine until we all put him on edge. He said something about the tension in the house being palpitable, which is shocking because the things that caused stress in the evening were accidents.

Incident 1: Ringo fell and scraped his hand, knee, and ankle, when walking Bitsy. Incident 2: While cooking our pizzas for dinner, the oven began smoking filling the apartment with smoke, startling us all and worrying the dogs and Ringo, because a piece of sausage fell off one of them and landed on the heating element. Incident 3: Pherret accidently triggered a minor boss fight (and was brutally slaughtered) in Dragon Age when he was trying to save and quit to eat dinner (which WAS salvageable).

All three incidents were accidental, and the only things we could think of that could have set off the episode. Pherret couldn't place a trigger and remained upset for several hours.

Prior to those three incidents, we'd all had a pretty mellow day, joking with each other, chatting, did a grocery run, had pleasant conversation etc.

But that's enough of that. I've also had vivid dreams, waking dreams, black outs (at home thank goodness), and lack of muscle control. I've been dropping things way more than I usually do. My grip gives out halfway through a task. I look forward to the end of that side effect.

The other side effect I've been dealing with is from the penicillin I think. I've got some sun sensitivity. I experienced it starting shortly into the second day on the antibiotic, as an itching sensation and I could actively feel the sunburn setting in.

That said I look forward to this being behind me, and being back to my old self. Without the bad tooth.

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  1. Love you. How about if I get a massage in your honor on Friday? (I had one scheduled anyway, but I'll try to relax for the both of us.) I have developed a "mask" on my forearms and part of my throat, in reaction to some of the medications I've taken over the years. You are not allowed to call me Spot. Three more days, honey, and then you catch a break. I repeat: love you.


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