Friday, September 2, 2011

First phone interview.

I had a phone interview with Geico today. If I am hired, which is pending approval from a hiring manager after they get results from a background check, I would be starting at just shy of $14 an hour. And, I'm told, after the first three months of training, it would increase by 10%. Which would put me at around $15 and some change.

That's nearly double what I made at Home Depot. And this is just a normal customer service job, from what explained to me. I'd work in their call center as a customer service rep. I've already had to deal with that sort of work, working returns, and as a head cashier.

I've worked in call centers before, and don't mind that sort of work, as long as it isn't telemarketing. I have NO issues with people calling in, needing help. I worked as a telesales associate at Ticketmaster when I lived in McAllen, Texas, and I didn't mind that job at all.

If I am approved, I would begin training with the next batch of hires on September 26th. During training, I'd be working day hours, Mon-Fri, I believe he said in the 8-5 range. After three months I would likely be moved to evenings, which would be 3:30-Midnight, and working alternating weekends. I don't mind that, but the buses don't run that late, so I'll need to make sure Pherret won't mind picking me up that late until I can get something else lined up.

And, un-related to that, I went by my normal doctor today, and had some blood work done. My Gender clinic closed down inexplicably in the March or April time-frame, and I haven't yet found a new specialist. My normal doctor is taking over that aspect of my care until I can find a new specialist, so they took some blood to get a new baseline, and he wrote me a prescription for my maintenance-level testosterone. I'm relieved, as I was worried about stalling out in this, while trying to find work again.

I've also just about settled on my name. I've chosen Rory Math C***. I was considering Rorick for the first name, because it is the correct spelling of Rorek, which I've gone by, for about a decade, but I decided that since I would likely be shortening it to Rory anyway, that I will just make that the name.

And one last thing COMPLETELY unrelated to job and transition, I got a shipping notice.

Way back when Shale and Adamelli were released, Osaka was kind enough to order Shale for me, and let me pay her back over time. I had a different doll on layaway at the time I believe, which is why I couldn't/didn't order it myself.

I'm really excited, and I'm thrilled that I will have a shiny new doll to play with while I wait for Geico to get back to me. They said the earliest I would likely hear from them would be Tuesday or Wednesday.

And timing-wise, this feels like a good thing, because I should have my final dental work done before the 26th, and so have nothing extraneous to worry over, in the event that I do get hired. Please wish me luck.

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  1. Seriously cute picture as your header. Where did you find the tiny Fisher-Price phone? (Is it an eraser?) Do you remember when you kids had a F-P phone? Praying that you get the job with Geckoland and are unexpectedly catapulted into the middle class. Last: your normal doctor. This would be as opposed to your Abby-normal doctor? OK, I'm done.


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