Thursday, August 18, 2011

Job Hunting, Again.

Without going into uncomfortable detail, I've put in my two weeks notice at the big orange box. I'm currently putting applications elsewhere and hoping/praying for the best. Please wish me luck.

My last day at Home Depot will be September 4th. Once things have settled down I will explain in more detail.

I still need a RAGE/ROREK SMASH/etc icon. :[


  1. So this isn't the time that I should say that I have learned from (unpleasant) experience that it is better to job hunt while still employed, find the new job, and THEN put in your notice.

  2. I am aware of this actually. I was given the choice to put in my notice, or wait for the next ridiculous issue and be let go, and un-re-hirable.

    I went from no complaints or issues, to 2 customer service write-ups in the order of a week, and one of those is usually instant firing.

    Both customer service complaints were completely ridiculous and that doesn't matter to corporate.

  3. Sorry to hear about the drama. I hope the job hunt goes well for you.


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