Wednesday, August 17, 2011

High-Five your FACE!

So Osaka told me that I needed to share with you, oh friends of the internet, something dumb I did yesterday.

We were in Five Below (a great novelty shop with everything $5 or less) and she found something awesome. I don't remember what it was exactly, just that I was excited, and I had the urge to high-five her face. It should be noted that she was in a fragile emotional state, and gave me a startled and somewhat wounded face when I told her of my urge.

For the record I did not infact, make contact with her face, with my hand, open or closed.


  1. I can hear you saying that. And your sister(s) adding, "High five your mom's face!" They would have to take a number and get in line: I suspect that ragweed season has begun.

  2. When I get those urges (I know exactly what you mean) I put my energy into my thumb, tap them on the forehead, and say, "gold star!"

  3. Mom's right. My first thought was your mom's face.


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