Monday, August 29, 2011

Dental Procedure part 2 of 3.

Today was a beautiful day, weather-wise. There's supposed to be some storms this evening. We (Ringo, Osaka, and I) trotted down to the Dentist's office for the second half of my dental work.

It was a bit more involved than I was aware it would be. I didn't realize they were grind down all of the remaining tooth. I thought it was more of a cap, than a false tooth bolted into the root of the original tooth. I wasn't entirely prepared for how much drilling there was, but Dr Furman was very patient with me.

Today they did the post, core, and a temporary acrylic crown, and molds/impressions to send off for my permanent crown.

One unusual thing, was that I was still able to feel the tooth, which I apparently wasn't supposed to, because of the root canal. I've had continued sensation, but no pain, since the initial procedure on the 12th.

And I continue to feel the tooth, even though, at this point all that remain are the roots, which have been thoroughly cleaned out.

The temporary crown feels a little weird. I showed it to Osaka and Ringo and they say it blends against my teeth, to where you can't tell which tooth is the false one. I'm told the permanent crown will feel more natural.

All in all, far less of a trauma than the root canal was, even though there was alot of unexpected grinding and drilling.

I go back in about two weeks for the permanent crown once it arrives to the office. That procedure at least, is supposed to be a simple one, of just popping off the plastic crown, and then permanently adhering the permanent crown.

In the meantime I'm told to avoid gum, taffy, anything sticky and chewy, and hard crunchy things. I miss gum and corn nuts. e_e;;

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