Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

So one of my favorite things to do, when I'm having trouble sleeping, is to take silly pictures of myself. Sometimes I really like the way they come out. I used to take lots of pics on my old camera phone. I barely look like myself in this one, but I'm really pleased with it. Neither Ti, nor Nick think it looks anything like me.. but it is.

And, while I was playing with the camera I got a cute one of Ichigo and Reggie snuggling in the doll bed.

And today, I took in the grey thermal shirt, and made a black t-shirt. And then I discovered that the black t-shirt's sleeves are too small and the thermal does not fit well underneath it.

And because I found this little bear, that Christy () brought me back from the Volks NY dollpa, a pic of Reggie holding it.

And cause he's adorable, one of Reggie brushing his hair outta his eyes, and waving to the camera.

And, AND, because it was funny Reggie holding my cold medicine. I opened it before I realized it was too late to take it if I'm gonna take my NyQuil in about an hour.

And wait WAIT, just two more! Reggie sitting in June and Christian's laps. :D They were all dressed the same when I was over there two days ago and they looked cute all together. June and Christian and brother and sister and belong to Christy and her brother .

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  1. I like that picture of you. Even if no one else thinks it looks like you, I do. Happy New Year!


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