Monday, January 28, 2008

Protective Contract

Okay! Today was the second discussion for the divorce and it went alot better. We've drawn up a contract in regards to the cats and my cellphone bill, to protect the kitty boys, and to make sure that my credit won't get completely screwed up if I can't find a job right away. I drew it up myself so it probably doesn't sound too professional but if anyone is curious here it is. I don't know if there is away to place it behind a cut like on livejournal, so I apologize for the HUGE wall of text.


This is a contract for custody of Owen and Decke, two domestic shorthaired black cats.

The first stipulation is that both be kept up to date on all shots, and on time. If either animal needs to be taken to the vet for emergency care, all parties need to be kept informed. [ ] [ ]

The second stipulation is that both cats must be neutered within six months of the date of mynamehere’s departure to Texas. Store the flight information with this contract for future use. [ ] [ ]

If there is reasonable* reason that the cats must be given up, all parties must be kept informed, before a family or families are chosen. Neither cat may be taken to a shelter and given up there. [ ] [ ]

*Reasonable reason, being that it is no longer financially possible for care for both cats, barring an emergency. Neither cat may be given up simply to move to an apartment that disallows pets. [ ] [ ]

This second contract is in regards to the cell phone bill of mynamehere.

It has been agreed that hisnamehere will pay the bill every month until the contract ends. [ ] [ ]

In the event that the bill is over $100, hisnamehere must contact mynamehere to let her know. In such cases, hisnamehere is to pay up to $100 towards the bill, and mynamehere will pay the remainder. [ ] [ ]

This contract was drawn up on January 28, 2008, and signed on ________________.

hisnamehere _______________ mynamehere _______________ Witness ________________

Both parties will keep a copy, and may upload one or more copies to their computers, and the internet archive of their choice. Either may give copies to lawyers or family for further security. [ ] [ ]

This contract has been drawn up in regards to the upcoming divorce to protect the animals, and to make sure that neither parties’ credit will be further damaged, by breaking a cell phone contract. [ ] [ ]

It should be noted that mynamehere is leaving the joint residence of her own free will, to ease movement, and to prepare for her move back to Texas. She is not being forced to move, or kicked out. [ ] [ ]

Please initial at each [ ] and sign on the line.


Tomorrow we'll sign it in front of a witness, probably when I go pick up my inhalors from the base pharmacy. And in about a week we'll be talking to lawyers to sort out the rest. I've already talked to him about the small amount of furniture I want to take with me, and he's fine with that. I'll be taking my desk, a coffee table that I keep my doll furniture on, that has some storage in the front, and TV, TVstand, and game systems. Then of course my books and clothes and stuff. But I was most concerned with the electronics.

I'm a little worried that things will get a little hairy once lawyers are involved, so I'm going to see if there is a place through the USO or the church my family attends, that I can stay for a few weeks while all this gets sorted out. I'm not sure yet. I'm still nervous but feeling alot more confident, since I know I'll be staying with my eldest sister when I get back to Texas, and we've already hashed out what she expects of me, and what she doesn't while I'm there.

I'm going to just wait till I get back to Texas to get my driver's license because if all goes smoothly I won't be in Virginia long enough to get my driver's license.

I don't WANT to rush back to Texas but I also feel like that's the only way I'm likely to get control of my life again any time soon.

I'm really going to miss my family here in Virginia, and I feel horrible that I'm leaving and so suddenly. I want to promise you, Christy, and Rissa, that I am going to keep in touch with both of you, lots of phone calls, and chatting online and all. And as soon as I am able, I will come to visit you both, whether that be Christy and I both going to Cali to visit you Rissa, or whether I visit you both seperately. You both and your families have taken such good care of me, and I am not going to throw away the wonderful friends I have in you both.

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  1. Sounds like you are putting a good amount of thought into keeping the loose ends tied up and trying to be as adult as possible about all of this. Good for you!


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