Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sims 2 - I'm a pirate!

So I finally got Sims 2 back on the laptop, and I've been playing it for a few days now. I get like, wanting to play it alot sometimes, then ignoring it for months. e_e

Anyway, this time I did my Sim looking like I do NOW (except biologically male, and slim) in terms of facial structure and hair. My hair.. is getting long for me. Not quite as long as Cary's (my alter-ego-sim) but it's getting there fast. It looks nicer on him. I feel ugly and like a slob with my hair this long. I was growing it out for Nick.. He never liked it short, and I hate it long. This is about as long as my hair ever gets before I hack it all off.

But I wanted to talk about my Sim. :3 He has a cute little wife, who looks vaguely Asian (to me anyway) and is on his honeymoon thanks to the Bon Voyage expansion. He seems to love the beach, and I bought them a little beach house. It's filled with cute little beach themed nicknacks. I'm working towards them heading back home happy, and ready to be parents. Then when the babies grow into toddlers they'll go on another vacation, to one of their other vacation homes.

I love the silly faces Sims make, and I love custom skins, hair, and accessories. I found a pair of glasses on ModTheSims2, very much like the pair I actually wear, and when I go back to playing after this post, I'll be putting them on Cary. In the mean time, please enjoy a few of my favorite screencaps of Cary and Marie.

This is my absolute favorite one so far, because he looks serious, and seriously sexy, in my humble opinion. It was pure luck to get that shot before he cast his fishing line back out.

Marie is confused by my Pirate antics.

I think at this point she was singing the Sea Shanty with Cary, and gosh do they make silly faces for that!

She really is very pretty especially when she has that sort of calm smiley look about her. I love her skin, hair and eyes.

Spontaneous hug time! There's a decent shot of Cary's pretty much always smirking face. XD He tends to look sweet but like he's laughing at the same time.

You can see that he has my piercings in this shot, and a better look at that smirk. :3 Though I let my eyebrow close up. I miss it.

Oh and the No You! Icon(my photo) is made from him looking particularly fierce during the Sea Shanty. It's basically the song "A pirate's life for me!" translated to Simlish. I love the expressions he makes, during that little song, and this icon suits my current long-term mood. *laughs*

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