Thursday, January 17, 2008


I great day yesterday, with Christy and Neil and Michael. Ya'll have been so good to me, and I really really appreciate the support. I ended up staying over when I stopped by home to see how things were, and my just being there, triggered a panic/stress/rage attack for myself. I was so angry and confused that I ended up forgetting the stuff I wanted to bring to sleep over. Christy took me to the dollar store near her place and let me pick out some cute (and nicely inexpensive) jammies, and pick up a toothbrush. If it weren't for you guys, I don't know how I'd be doing right now. I kinda wish I'd slept over again, but I needed to figure out what the hell was going on back here. (Confusing messages, hard to read tones of voice when I called).

I know things could be so much worse but I haven't been so angry and hurt since I was 16. I have really calm moments, where I seem to be okay, and then I flip out, and I really don't like it. Right now that mis-diagnosis as Bi-bolar could almost seem correct. Anyway, I'm probably not making much sense. I wanted to post some pictures. I have a mohawk again. I buzzed what I could and Ti was nice enough to clean up the choppy bits for me.

that last picture shows my new sleeping shirt. It says "The Dragon Tail - Poker Room" and I wear it with some red plaid pajama pants. they're both really comfy, and nicely warm. The photo is also a decent portrayal of the expression I've had on my face for the past several days.

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