Sunday, September 13, 2009

Photos of Ichigo

I took some photos of Ichigo today. Alot of photos actually. I haven't touched him for a couple of months. I made his shirt and styled his wig, and set him down on a doll bench, and haven't touched him. It wasn't intentional, I just.. got caught up in sewing for Chris and Doran, and then.. just looking online at other dolls.

But, I've been wanting to cuddle Ichigo again lately, so I took him outside for a shoot, and after he threw his wig for the umpteenth time, swapped it for his pink fur wig, and he just SPARKLED. Like seriously in the dark cave that is Christy's apartment his eyes are sparkly when normally they're just dark. I love my little bratty angel.

Anyway, here, are um, alot of photos. The bicycle is meant for SD sized dolls, and belongs to Christy. :] She was kind enough to lend it to me for a few photos.




  1. He's cute. So's the red bike. Good thing that Cuprit's hooves are going to be w-a-y too big to fit on pedals, or I would want one, too!

  2. Thanks Mom! Yeah, I wanted to get one of these red bikes for him, but I was too broke when my friends were doing a Luts group order, so I'll have to pick one up on the secondhand market some time.

    And the bike would look COMICAL with such a big beauty, like Cuprit. It would look more like a baby bike next to Jessica. :]


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