Wednesday, September 2, 2009

*o* I'm off on Planet Weird.

I've been a bit of a space-case lately. x_x Like, REALLY spacey and dense. I'm not a stupid person really, just.. when I have to take benadryl daily, and my insomnia keeps me up, combined with anxiety and exhaustion, I have the IQ of a sponge.

So, yesterday we had an adventure, nothing drastic, just walked down to Lands Town Commons, which is a pleasant walk away. We were a bit tired from the previous day, when we walked to Lynnhaven mall for my Job Interview (in the rain), but overall, feeling well enough, if a bit stiff and sore from the chilled air and humidity.

We had a wonderful lunch, at Finn McCools, where I had the best food I'd eaten years. It was a simple enough meal, very Irish, which pleased me. I had their Chicken Pot Pie, which was just, seriously the best meal I've had in years. Next time I'll try their Shephard's pie, because it was a tossup as to which I wanted to try, and I figure if the chicken pot pie was that good, the Shepard's pie must be spectacular! But I didn't mean to ramble about how much I love food. e_e;

After lunch we walked around a bit, and got Batman: Arkham Asylum, and a new DS screen protector for my DS. I had a fleeting thought after we left, that it would have been really cool to buy that game while wearing my batman shirt. I glanced down to see what I WAS wearing, and stated in amazement "I'm wearing my Batman shirt!" ..Christy looked at me like I'd sprouted a third head. She was struck by how amazed I sounded, and teased that I seemed surprised, as if someone had snuck up on me and changed my shirt. I was spacey like that most of yesterday, and have been that way today as well.

I can't recall the second obvious occurance that was today, and spurred writing this post, but Christy gave me that same sort of "Seriously?!" look, and told me she was going to pinch me. XD;;

I've just been a space-cadet, and having trouble making the simplest of decisions (like what I wanted to eat today). It emphasises to me, how patient she is as my friend, since she's not really giving me a hard time about being stuck in outerspace, on planet weird.

In unrelated (or maybe partially related) news, I had the thought that I maybe wanted to sew today, but I don't think I'd be able to sufficiantly focus on any one task. So, I'll probably play the Sims some, if I don't wander off while it's loading. e_e;;

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