Monday, September 14, 2009

!@*#$% Online Apps!

Isn't applying for jobs online supposed to be convienent? Isn't that why so many companies have done away with paper applications alltogether? So, why is it, that when every website I'm visiting loads with a quickness, my application to ToysRUs, keeps timing out. e_e I KNEW something like this might happen, so I went with the little name and password option that lets you come back to your app again later. It's a good thing too, or I'd have had to restart 7 times now. Seriously.

It's ridiculous, to the point I just want to cuss about it and grumble. I'm cranky, cause I was trying to get some apps in tonight so that when Christy and I go out tomorrow while Little Man is at school, I can just relax and enjoy our adventure. }:[ Not cool man. Seriously not cool. I just want to apply for a damned job.


  1. I actually have applied to the Walmarts out here. They haven't gotten back to me yet.


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