Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dumb as a box of rocks.

I remembered (with help from Christy, as per usual) what my other STUPID, DENSE moment was. XD CSI was on, and I was thinking fondly of Law and Order (any of them really, except for NEW Law and Order Criminal Intent with Jeff Goldblum) and I said, in a sort of dreamy voice "They should totally make a CSI New York!" Which was dumb for two reasons. One, they already have, and two, the story lines they gave them are stupid to a ridiculous degree.

Second life assassin? REALLY? The Davinci Code T-shirts? REALLY?! The whole way the AIDS story arc went. The magic car? The wannabe Jackass who crashes through the stained glass window of the church? All of it is just.. Wow. Also on any given episode you can't (or I can't at least) follow where they are going with the episode at all. It's often like you flip channels every five minutes or so, but somehow it's all the same cops, but a whole new story line. It doesn't flow at ALL.

So yes, doubly stupid, because not only did they make it, but it's the worst of the three, with one of the best acting casts at their disposal.. SERIOUSLY?!

That's all! Just needed to share that. :B

(Christy theorizes that my forgetting is my brain trying to protect me, as it does when you suffer horrible trauma.)


  1. Oh no- Miami is the worst. I was so excited when I thought they had killed Horatio and was going to go back to watching it (really, it's just him I can't stand) but then he turned out to be alive. Ugh.


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