Friday, July 31, 2009

:O Doran's Coming Home!

Well then. I woke up to my Mom calling me asking for some reassurance as she placed and order for her first doll. Well, first non-gift doll. She's ordering her Dream of Doll(Baby) Arie girl. So, I talked to her a little bit, and then she thanked me and went on her way, to place the order I presume.

So, then I go take a shower, and try to wake up etc. and right as I'm settling in, booting up my computer, I'm kind of whinging about how everyone on my friends-list, aside from Christy, who's ordered Glot or Glati (or both), has at the very least, a shipping number. And then my e-mail loads with a message from Soom with my tracking number.

I seriously had no idea what to say or anything. I just kind of sat there slack-jawed for a moment, and then told Christy, "You know how I was whining just now? Well... I have a tracking number" in about the most calm/awed voice ever.

And of course now the initial shock is gone and I'm ECSTATIC. And I need to finish sewing some shirts for the little guy. @_@ And of course today is the day I'm supposed to hear back from Best Buy (at the earliest), so it's great time, to keep me occupied between waiting for the phone call, and pointlessly refreshing my tracking number. :B


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