Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Doran's Home!

Well, my Doran arrived today! I was a little concerned that he wouldn't show up, because I realized this afternoon that I had the zipcode written down wrong. Luckily, he arrived safely. :D

His face is shaped a little differently than I was expecting, so the faceup I had in mind won't work properly. So, now I'm doodling in Painter, to try and come up with some new ideas. :B


  1. Is that Jessie in the hello-kitty underoos? Doran's kilt is perfect, as is the sporran.

    Remind Jared that he really, really doesn't want Nicolai's sister!

  2. Yep that's Jessie in the Hello Kitty panties. :] I'm in the process of sewing her some other clothes, so she's been sitting in that tube top Christy made, and the undies, for a few days. I had to quit her project midway to finish sewing an outfit for Doran, once I received his shipping notice.


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