Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Oh man.. so yesterday was just a bad day in general. Christy is suffering from what we thing may be flu, and I don't seem to have caught it. My sleep schedule is somewhat out of whack, which is fairly normal for me, but inconvenient. Yesterday I went to sleep around 8am, after seeing Michael onto his school-bus so that Christy could rest. And, I woke in the early afternoon from a horrifying bad dream. It was bad enough that it affected me rather negatively for the rest of the day, and I became a bit neurotic later in the evening, ending in tears. I seem to be doing better now, and we'll see if today is better, after I've slept a little. Hopefully I'll not have horrible dreams this time. @_@ *crosses fingers*

That's enough of that though. I finished up Myriai's commission last night, and I'm finally satisfied with the results. The pants took a couple of tries before I was happy with them. Then for Declan, I made a Domo-kun plushie.

And, one of him with Declan.

This one is a bit rough, not really extremely well made but for a first attempt, I'm happy. Declan looks pleased as well. :3

I'm still a little high strung but hopefully after a nap, I'll be in a better frame of mind. I hope ya'll all have really great days!


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