Sunday, April 13, 2008


So, I've been playing with Declan a bit more now that I know who he is, doll-wise. After making his red wig, I decided to get started on some pants or shorts more fitting to his character, because while he is adorable in the green overalls, they're not quite him, I think.

So, I made these. You can see them better here, on my DeviantArt.

And, I wanted to get some photos of him so, I took him with, when Christy and I ran to the store later, and got a few photos outside. She lives in a beautiful apartment complex, with a decorative pond, and a few lovely manicured gardens all over the place.

We got a shot of Declan in one of the blossoming trees. :3 The wind made his wig all fluffy.

You can sort of see the water in this shot, but it doesn't properly portray the beautiful scene, so I got a better shot of it. As you may imagine, there are ducks all over, especially around the water. This time of year, they are fat and happy.

And I got a couple more shots of Declan, on by the water, and one relaxing on some rocks in one of the gardens.

And once we got back indoors I took a picture of Declan and Ichigo. :3

All in all I've been productive, and DESPITE the high stress last two and a half to three weeks, I'm feeling pretty good, in general. @_@


  1. i've gotta say, that shot of him in the tree holding domo kun with the wind ruffling his hair made me think of mom for some reason. xD he looks very cute with his new hair.

  2. I like those green and blue plaid shorts. Those outdoor shots are nice.


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