Saturday, April 5, 2008

Help with my theme?

I want to make my Blog look like my other online journal, but the controls are really different. How do I set up custom colors for text, windows, etc on Blogger? How about a custom background image? I have a whole theme mapped out already, but I don't know how to translate it from my current theme, to this. Any of my talented siblings want to help me out? Photobucket

With my recent realization that I own a good amount of Domo-kun merchandise, I decided to make my blog match. I also whipped up a wallpaper for my cellphone, and I found a guide online for making a custom Domo-kun cover for your ipod. I'm considering making one. :3 But, this is the wallpaper I made for my phone, which I also shrunk down for my default icon.

And, on my actual phone, where you can also see the cellphone charm I have of Domo-kun. :3

With my new wallet that brings my collection to my Domo hoodie, which you can only sort of see here, in an older photo, my wallet, and the cell phone charm. As well as a Domo Calender that Ginny got for me. :3

You can see the hoodie better here, on Nick.

I'd also like to get or make a t-shirt, make a stuffed domo for Declan, and maybe a bigger one for me, make the ipod cover, and get the Domo beanie that Hot Topic has for like $12.

And as for my layout, since you can't really see it clearly on my main page, this is the background image I made. Click it to see it full-sized.


  1. I know a little bit about some of that stuff. It'll be easier to help you over the phone though, so maybe I'll give you a call later to figure it out.

  2. i know nothing about that stuff, so good luck figuring it out. your lj is super cute though.


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