Sunday, March 1, 2015

Doll Arrival! :D

Exciting things today! With some of the money from the sale of Efreet, I purchased a surprise doll on the lower price scale. It shipped earlier this week, and arrived today via FedEx. I love instant gratification!

I've loved this sculpt since I saw it in person but it was discontinued for lack of love and while there were some blank ones still in stock I waffled for awhile. I decided though that I should just go for it, and get one while Mint on Card still had it in stock, and I'm glad I did, because it was the very last one. So.. last of this sculpt ever to be sold (new). Magic!

Anyway here are my box opening photos. I was REALLY excited but I managed to get some decent non-blurry photos! :D I got the wig and shirts I purchased for the new doll on hand first. Eyeless, wigless, faceupless doll photos forthcoming!

I love the design on the box! I love seeing all the beautiful designs on the different company boxes. :)

And the secret is out! It's a ..thing. These little ones aren't gendered so I will have to determine whether it's a boy or a girl once Osaka/Allister is kind enough to give the little one a faceup. :D

Plenty of bubblewrap, and a nice soft pillow with ribbon ties to protect the little one.

Surprise eyes! Mint on Card's page said they don't come with eyes if you don't get the faceup so I wasn't expecting any. I have glass eyes in the mail (they should arrive Monday).

Another surprise! My certificate of Authenticity is blank. XD I will contact Mint on Card (or compare mine with Osaka/Allister's) to see how it's meant to be filled out.

That little face! Cute even without faceup, eyes, or wig! And the posability is just amazing. I would be thrilled to get a couple more of the 16cm Asleep Eidolon babies.

All the swag! :D We are not as prepared as I might have hoped since the glass eyes aren't here yet, and I haven't yet made pants but yes. :3

Cute sitting on the edge of the box. THAT FACE. @3@

And next to October (Tiny Delf). October looks slightly larger but it's the other way around actually. October's shoes are giving him even height, and he is narrower in the chest, with slightly larger hands. New kid is broader in the chest ever so slightly, with more delicate looking hands, and just slightly more realistically proportioned.

It was at this point I carefully popped off the head and tried on the shirts I bought from FunnyLori's Etsy shop (fit for Pukifee) and found that TinyDelf and Asleep Eidolon 16cm are just THIS much too large to fit into the shirts. It's the thumbs. Their hands won't go through the end of the sleeve.

I was sad, and mad at myself for assuming, but most stuff sized to Pukifee and Lati Yellow will actually fit Tiny Delf just fine so I assumed this would be the case. I did not take into account that FunnyLori fit them specifically to be a nice snug fit on the Pukifee body (and even says so in the listings), and those hands pop off magnetically I think making the hands not fitting a non-issue.

It's okay though. Mom has some actual Pukifee so I'll ask if either shirt is to her taste, and if not, they will be set aside until I do have a Pukifee, because at some point I will. Probably a Pong. They're VERY well made shirts and I will continue to buy from the Etsy shop, but I will make sure that I'm buying for the specific size that I actually have. :)

I've also talked to FunnyLori about maybe buying some made special to fit my new doll after the Expo, so I will still hopefully have my striped teal and purple shirts in the size I need. :)

So all in all I am thrilled with my new little one. I need to try on the wig because when the shirts didn't fit I just went to sleep (I hadn't slept yet).

I also need to draft patterns for leggings or pants to fit this slightly larger body, and make a slightly larger shirt pattern to fit it. I have tweaked October's shirt pattern since the first shirt I made had oddly tiny arm holes, and I'm hoping that that pattern (with a slightly wider chest) will be perfect.

I'm too tired to sew tonight though and I have knitting I need to do. Collectively in the last 48 hours I've gotten roughly 10 hours of sleep and it's wearing on me a bit.

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