Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Efreet has (finally) sold! :)

I am excited! My Efreet sold, so I can now (as soon as he arrives safely in his new home) order Simon Oliver's brother Owen Sebastian.

Owen will be this sculpt, and styled with similar eyes and RED hair.

I have also decided to get Crunchy's body with my tax return, and maybe an order of clothes (for Owen Sebastian) from TTYA but no other expenses from the tax refund.

I was sifting through the various marketplace forums on DOA and got a PM in regards to Efreet IMMEDIATELY after I had finished bumping my threads. Buyer was able to pay upfront, and was very understanding that snow might slow down my ability to get him into the mail right away. I gave an estimated shipping date of Thursday.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will get him all packed up, and I'm planning to head out on Thursday (when the snow should in theory have stopped and had a chance to partially melt) and mail him out.

I may also do my taxes tomorrow. I'd LIKE to, but I'm worried about whether it will be quiet enough and I need to gather all my stuff together and I'm nervous. BLEH. I'm always nervous.

I should just go through all the papers tonight and organize it while the apartment is quiet. Then all I have to do tomorrow is set up my desk, close the bedroom door and WORK.

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