Sunday, December 14, 2014

Theater Stuff and Doll Stuff

Well I was discussing language and theater and Osaka mentioned something called Takarazuka, and it blew my mind. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE? WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT THIS?! I NEED THIS!

Seriously though I am a HUGE fan of live theater and have not seen nearly enough of it in my short life, and if I were the sort to have a bucket list, seeing a Takarazuka show would be on it, preferably actually in Japan and then going to the Volks Sato store and getting a Takarazuka girl. Probably a Kun.

Also speaking of Kun, I have decided when I am not so miserably poor, I need a Yo-SD Kun and a Yo-SD Syo/Show and swap their heads. Syo makes such a pretty little girl, and Kun makes such a feisty looking little boy. I need that in my life too.

Also I accidentally figured out who my Unicorn Shale head is going to be. I need to figure out a name but it's totally the Brony I posted earlier this evening. This is what the Unicorn Shale head looked like default. Apollo is the Human Shale head, and kept the body.

Mine has never had a faceup, but has waited mellowing in my resin bits box until I figured out what to do with him. Apparently this is the week (or month) for figuring heads out between him, Crunchy (Kid Delf Summer Event Head 2014), and Kakashi (Souldoll Asiter head).

I want either this wig, or this one for him, so I will probably order both. Also these eyes.

I just need to track down a white Soom boy body for him, and those come up with some regularity on the DOA marketplace for reasonable prices.

So doll plans for the next couple of years are, body for Ro, Crobidoll Tori to be Owen Sebastian (Simon Oliver's brother), body for Crunchy, body for Kakashi, body for Shale Unicorn head, and if I can manage it a Kun girl that has been sitting on the DOA marketplace for a bit. Before all of that though, I need to pay the remainder on Ed, who is almost half paid for now.

As a reminder I DO still have up for sale a Littlefee Rachel faceplate with faceup by Fairyland (boy-style), Iplehouse Elemential Guardian Efreet with papers and box, Dollmore boy body (circa 2007), and an evenly yellowed B&G Sky, as well as some rare SD outfits, and some mini clothes. If anyone bought even just the Efreet as I have him priced, and the damned Dollmore body, I could finish paying off Ed.

So.. if you missed my Sales threads and/or if you need some wiggle room please just let me know. I AM open to reasonable offers, and I'm willing to do layaway or partial trades for anything I am actively looking for.

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  1. I know those faces! Those are my Adamelli twins, and now I know where their name came from. I suspect my girls are a whole lot feistier than your boy will be, but that might just be the faceups that Fourthborn gave them.


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