Saturday, November 22, 2014

Vivid Dreams of Death.

I had a weird vivid dream/nightmare that Faythe and Rose were in fatal accidents. Jenni was rushing Faythe to the ER, and I think Rose's boyfriend had her safely at the hospital, but the only death I actually experienced before I woke up, was Faythe's.

I remember it, because I was somehow reading INSTANT OBITUARY on my phone, and thinking, that's not right at all. It was reading more like a will and leaving items she longer has possession of, to people who would have no interest in those things. I was almost as upset about that (THOSE THINGS MATTER) as I was distraught that she was dead and I still hadn't gotten to the hospital.

I was on a cross country(?) (I'm really not sure if I was in Texas or Virginia Beach at the beginning, but Faythe died in Los Angeles, CA) trip to the hospital with Bonnie, who somehow was there when I got the news, and completely out of character, Osaka, my BFF was actually expressing that she didn't really give a crap about my family as all they had ever done was make me miserable (which isn't TRUE). Specifically she (in dream) said she didn't care if Faythe or Rose died because they had made me suffer enough(???) and she was tired of it.

I can't make sense of it all, but I woke up terrified, in full swing of a panic attack, and IMMEDIATELY called Faythe, then Rose, then Mom, and Steve, to make sure they were all okay. I was able to connect with everyone but Mom who is currently on vacation but I'm hoping for a text from her that YES she is okay in short order.

I also IMMEDIATELY upon seeing Osaka (as soon as I got out of bed) demanded to know if she was okay, because at that point I had touched bases with both Faythe and Rose, so I was desperately trying to figure out who was dying or hurt.

I'm chalking this up to drifting off thinking about needing to have a valid will (just in addition to other paperwork that needs updating) and the ridiculous stress of yesterday.


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