Saturday, November 15, 2014

Grail Doll Is ..*drumroll please* Bluefairy Automail Jerome!

Okay! I need to list up my Immediate Sales stuff today, because I have officially secured the Grail Doll!

No more mystery! I will be getting one of (10? 20?) the few existing Bluefairy Automail Jeromes. He comes recently dolly-doctored, restrung, flesh-toned resin has had a gentle sanding to reduce yellowing. All told he is in FANTASTIC condition for a 10 year old doll. This doll was released in 2004.

Thanks to Eveshka, I have two of the photos from the Sales Thread, so this is my ACTUAL boy:

He's normalskin, with the automail arm, and leg, based on this character:

That image is from the Manga. The arm is a slightly different model (the winter/cold model, for then Ed goes up North for awhile).

My Ed will need gold eyes and I need to make his outfit, but the Bluefairy body is different enough in shape that I need to wait until I have him in hand to make his distinctive outfit.

I will have up for IMMEDIATE SALE possibly as early as tonight, some dolls, a body, and other resin tidbits. Possibly some wigs as well. Once I get it together (and tweak my existing sales threads) I will link to them in a new post.

Thanks everyone for your well wishing! I am SUPER EXCITED!

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