Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Riots and Outrage in Ferguson

I find myself incredibly disheartened for a second time in my relatively short life, when an obviously guilty person goes free. This case was far more upsetting and obviously rigged than the OJ Simpson trial. I mean, all those eye witnesses, and video of the actual shooting of Mr Brown, and the fact that Officer Wilson's testimony didn't even match the police recordings of the event. Also that several of the Ferguson PD were outed as card carrying members of the KKK.

But of course, justice was served last night, because the white man was just defending himself against an unarmed man surrendering himself to the police, with his hands in the air. There was certainly nothing wrong with the refusal to indite. Even OJ got an indictment. Wilson though he's just an upstanding citizen who is free to gun unarmed men down in the streets, and leave their bodies in the hot sun for FIVE HOURS for the world to see, casually ignoring the city population expressing outrage, except to try and confiscate any incriminating video that might have been taken of the unarmed man being gunned down in the streets.

No, there is no racism in America. None what-so-ever. No racial tension between any two people in the whole of the country. This wasn't about a man getting away with murder just because he could and felt that he was legitimately within his rights to gun down an unarmed man.

Nothing wrong with any part of what happened. Nothing wrong with the riots, the looting, the attacks on the media and PEACEFUL PROTESTORS.

I do not even begin to have words for the depth of my fury

I have had to unfriend no less than three people within an hour of waking up, on facebook, because of a huge dissonance in expressed opinion, to the point of offensiveness.

We don't have to agree on everything (or even much), but I'd like to think that my associations are with people whose eyes are open and are willing to admit that there is corruption in the world, even in our own country.

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  1. You are so right! I've got friends in the US that are very dear to me and to imagine that their sweet little boy might one day be murdered by a police officer and that man getting away with that makes me sick. And now that poor boy with a toy weapon. (Okay, I'm against weapons a toys, even if it makes playing Wild West impossible.) What kind of world is it we're living in? I do not understand most US citizens relationship to guns. It is a (more or less) civilized land, there's is no longer need for a gun? No dangerous animals in your backyard. No need to hunt for your living. No need for self-justice. But I don't think that the laws will ever be changed. And I fear that racism will be part of daily reality for quite a long time. That's depressing.


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