Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Photos! Me, dolls, and rambling?

I haven't posted any selfies lately. :B So here ya go!

That is quite an improvement from nearly a year ago, in regards to beard growth:

And may I just say that I am super annoyed at the subtle changes to photobucket? I had my settings just so, that I could hover over a pic, click over a link, and it auto-copied to the clipboard. Now I have to click the pic, click the link, open a new tab, paste to make sure it clicked, and then paste it wherever I want to put it. HATE. I hate change.

It used to say "link copied" when it auto-copied it, so I knew I had it ready to paste. It doesn't click, it doesn't give me any indication now, that it has successfully copied. BOOOO.

Also I now have to actually LOG OUT to switch between accounts, instead of just going to that album's page and entering my password, which used to switch accounts for me.

And in much happier news, one of the two (MSD) dolls I purchased with my tax return is in transit, and the other is due to be shipped this week. The first is coming from Poland and entered US Customs this evening, so if all goes well she (yes a *girl* doll, on purpose even!) should arrive Wednesday or Thursday.

I don't have anything ready for her, but she'll borrow from Ichigo. He's got some more feminine clothing. She may be a tomboy with my luck though. e_e;; I'm really not sure who my girl will be yet but I'm excited to find out. :]

I also have a boy coming, who will be Finn from Adventure Time. I have a pattern for his hat, and will make his shorts and shirt soon. I've ordered appropriate black ankle-length boots, and have some white socks I made for Ichigo that should work. I'll need to sort a backpack, and see if I can find a toy sword to modify into the one Finn uses, but I'm satisfied so far with what I've thought up. I love a project doll.

In addition to these two cuties, I was also able to get Robbie on his body FINALLY as ya'll know, and very soon I will have my Souldoll Lune on a proper Souldoll body as well. Not sure what I'm gonna do with the Souldoll Asiter head yet, but the price was right, it's through a friend, it's a good buy.

I took some pictures yesterday, of Doran, since I didn't seem to have any of him since I re-faceupped him, and then Robbie with Christopher Owen. :]

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