Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bodies for everyone!

For what it's worth I did find an SD10 boy body. A sweet young lady saw my WTB thread shortly after listing a body that meets my requirements and PMed me about it. She's holding it for me till payday, when I will be able to send full payment.

I did my taxes first thing today, and will be getting a nice tax return. I've already gotten confirmation that it's been accepted by the IRS, and I should have the return deposited into my account between the 13th and the 23rd.

I'm glad that I won't have to buy a whole new doll just for the body for Robbie. I was a bit concerned that I was going to have to do it that way, since everyone wanted like $500 for bodies as old as 2005. e_e;;

Next I need to find a suitable body for my Souldoll Lune head. I like the Souldoll Double boy body (the first one) but I am unwilling to pay $500 for just a body, and while that body is nice, I REALLY want the original Souldoll body for my head. I'm picky like that.

I'm also wanting to get Ro onto a different body. Preferably back on a Dream of Doll (Child) body, either the first or second type. I don't like the new ones, and the resin wouldn't match. Ro is from that batch in 2005 that was "Pinky White" by other company standards. He will need a white body. I've considered a Minifee body, but I'm not sold on it.

I'd like to buy Marek (Robbie's Partner) too, but I'm waffling on what sculpt he should be. I'd like a Volks doll, so that I could take the whole family to New York Dolpa if that ever comes back. Marek is supposed to be taller, more muscular than Robbie, with light hair and brown eyes. SD13 would be tall enough and slightly bulkier, but not as muscular as I picture Marek. Strong jaw, adult male looking. I had been considering Iplehouse Storm, but I worry that it will look strange next to an SD10 School C. I know how the EID boys look next to Luts boys (similar scale) and I'm trying to avoid quite that extreme a difference.

LOL. I went to DOA to look for comparisons of EID/SID/YID next to SD10, and got distracted by the jointed hands comparison thread. If I get the Angel Studio body for my Souldoll head, I will get the jointed hands too. :]

Oh man.. I stumbled across a male couples thread and it was nothing but skirt boys and just.. leather, chains. What. No. That's what I get for expecting anything different on Den of Angels with posts from 2005-2008. UGH.

TLDR, bodies for everyone!


  1. You're not supposed to repeat yourself (re: taxes) until you get to be my age. I know what you mean about some of the photos on DOA. One of the main reasons I don't go there. When I (briefly) had my Jessica, some ignorant person had put that sculpt into a dominatrix costume. Bleagh!

  2. I was distracted when I posted it, so I forgot to read back through it and check my formatting.

    Honestly shenanigans like that, are part of why I stopped going into the galleries. I can see all the dolls I love via livejournal, where I've added all my doll friends.


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