Wednesday, February 6, 2013

These dolls are like an addiction.

So, I've been surfing Den of Angels marketplace in all the sizes since I was in Texas. I was doing it a lot there while I waited to get together with Logan and Mel, or waiting for Mom to come home from work.

I recently finished a layaway, and I've got that itch to look for the next doll. It's not that I want to ignore Rowan, or Bear, or Orion, my most recent dolls, or any of the dolls before that. I just get that itch if I don't have one picked, being paid on, or waiting to ship. I've had that itch since early 2006, when I'd had Ro for about six months, and wanted a companion for him.

I've looked at lots of different sizes and styles, limiteds, standards, discontinued sculpts, great deals, total scalper sales threads, questionable feeler threads, and everything in between.

I'm currently eye-ing a large (SD) limited/discontinued sculpt, that is a different incarnation than I expected to have a chance at. One of the first dolls I looked at, when I realized I'd missed my chance for Shirou Tachibana (the ABJD that made me want one). I won't say which until I've secured him. I ended up going for Dream of Doll Tender Yen at the time because we couldn't afford the extra $200 for a larger doll, when I got him. That was the major decision influence.

I'm also looking at an unusual combination of a male limited Volks MSD head, on a female body, and another rare Volks MSD sculpt on a boy body. I passed on several standards at great prices because it just seems more realistic to try at these harder to get dolls when they are available now, and I could actually purchase one or more of them.

My wishlist on Den of Angels is still miles long, and more dolls are added all the time, amusingly. If I were to acquire all the dolls I have even a passing interest in, I would have HUNDREDS of dolls. That's one of the other reasons I go for the dolls that are incredible finds, either in price or rarity or both. I'm not adverse to saving money and time by purchasing second-hand standards, but I'd rather get harder to find dolls, and purchase my standards brand new from the companies.

Seven of my dolls have been second-hand, so it's not like I'm a snob about owning second-hand dolls, but I love that amazingly pure, never touched by anyone but the creator and shipper's hands feel of a new doll.
I especially love that about artist-made dolls, like my Machina. I know that he was handled, and carefully packed, by Batchix, lovingly sculpted, and he means the world to me. He was sweet and beautiful straight out of the shipping box. I'd love to have more of her beautiful dolls. :]

I'm wired. I'm excited about looking at dolls to theoretically buy, I'm excited about sewing and knitting for them, photographing them with the ones I already have, shopping for the right shoes, eyes, wigs, and clothes for them. I love these dolls.

I think I'm probably babbling at this point, so I'll stop. I hope you're all doing well. :]

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  1. You come by this honestly. I am daydreaming about the yarn for what I want to make as the next knitting project, none of which is currently residing in my stash. I will wait until I see how much of that bonus check in March I actually get to keep, rather than forking it over to the IRS for our 2012 taxes.


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