Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day! Robbie got his body!

So I don't know that I mentioned it, but shortly after I put up my WTB thread, I had a few different people PM me about bodies for sale.

I ended up buying the first, because it was a good price from the same year in GREAT condition, and the seller had impeccable feedback. After several PMs back and forth I can see why.

Robbie's body arrived today. My camera was DEAD (died a couple presents in on Ringo's birthday, earlier this week) so I took a quicky pic with my cellphone. Chillin' with his bestie Christian, who belongs to Osaka.

Osaka re-face-upped Robbie for me. I need to order his glasses from Aileen doll, and I need to find him some greener eyes, but I love how he turned out. He's got freckles, and beautiful thick dark eyebrows, as well as a nice little goatee.

I'm so happy to finally have him in one piece. I need to sew ALL the things for him. He's got a pair of jeans, a polo shirt, a hoodie, and that hat, which I got from Mom (thanks Mom!). He also has a pair of steampunk-esque boots, and I think when I order from AileenDoll I will also buy him one of their leather bags, and maybe the steampunk revolver.

I have a little more shopping I want to do, and am in the process of negotiating sales for two minis on Den of Angels, both Volks. I passed on the Elf Chiwoo. I still want a Chiwoo, but I want a normalskin non-elf, when that happens. I think he'll be brother to my future Soony, when that sculpt is finally available again (either secondhand or through Fairyland).

I enjoy the planning stages of doll shopping but I get aggravated when plans don't work out; due to lack of finances, or dolls not wanting to be who they are supposed to be once they arrive.

In regards to Valentines Day, mine was pretty nice. :] I worked a short day and met up with Osaka, Ringo, and C (Osaka's Mom) for lunch.

Then we came home, found the pink slip on the door, and I flailed. Osaka actually saw the mailman when she took out the recycling and CHASED HIM to get my package. A truer best friend I've never known. He was really sweet about it actually, and recognized her, so he waited. I love our postman.

Osaka came back in, breathless, carrying that huge square box, and I about fell over. HUGE hug, all the thanks. Then I opened him up.

There was a tear in the corner of the box that I could see pillows through. It looked like it had snagged on sorting machinery or something; the tear was about six inches long and about two inches wide at the top.

I dug through pounds of bubblewrap, and pulled out, in PERFECT condition, a tightly bound mummy of a body. No damage what-so-ever.

I did have to restring him immediately, but not because of anything to do with the condition of the string. The knot was up above the neck, which makes it very hard to position with a head as small as School C. So I took him apart, scratched my head a bit cause this is my first doll with an unjointed torso, and pieced him back together with the knot hidden in the torso just under the arm elastic.

Then I fought with the eyes, fought with the wig, and fought with the clothes. LOL. The eyes wanted to be wall-eyed, then cross-eyed.

The wig didn't want to be pulled into place over the protective silicon cap to prevent staining. This wig HELLA stained his previous faceup (WATCH OUT FOR DARK LEEKE WIGS FOR NOW), and I was not gonna have that happen again.

Even his jeans caught on his thighs. Apparently the SD10 swarrico girl body has a smaller butt and thighs, cause that's the body I used to size and sew for him before his came along.

All said and done though, it was a really great day. THEN I GOT TO TALK TO STEVE! <3 br="">
I probably would have called this a crap day (whether it were Valentines or not) given how some things went, if I had not gotten to speak to Steve.

Lunch was good, Romano's Macaroni Grill, for belated birthday lunch for Ringo, but the bus ride up their was WEIRD. The bus was more crowded than any of us have EVER seen it. I ride the bus like 6 days a week, so that's saying something. In addition, all of the passengers were super polite and helpful minded. HRT is king of jerk passengers, jerk drivers, and buses spontaneously catching fire, so it was kind of remarkable.

Robbie turned out great, but only because Osaka went above and beyond and TRACKED DOWN THE MAIL TRUCK IN OUR APARTMENT COMPLEX WHAT.

I texted Steve when Osaka and I were at the store, and he jumped on skype when we got back in. It was really great to chat, and I'm glad we could, cause it had been nearly a week since our last visit. :[

I think that's all the interesting things then. I hope ya'll've had a nice Valentines Day. :]

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