Friday, January 25, 2013

WTB Volks SD10 boy body. NOW.

So... I am once again going to throw it out there, that I am looking for a Volks SD10 boy body in pureskin (preferably UV cut) to match my School C Head from 2008.

I would take an older body in good condition as long as it is not the oldskin (old knees) body. I am willing to pay between $300-$400, preferably with shipping included, but if you or someone you know has a body like this for sale, I am open to discussion.

If they want more than $450 with or without shipping then I will instead buy a new Volks doll for $700 and sell the head. I don't WANT to do that. I want a body now. I could pay up to $300 right now, and make the other payment in 2 weeks.

If you or someone you know, has been thinking about selling a Volks sd10 boy body, jointed or single torso (I really don't care which) please let me know. I just need a good match for my School C Head, and I am DONE waiting.

I have a WTB thread up on DOA if you want to look at it, or redirect anyone there. Thank you!

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