Monday, September 12, 2011

Two drawings and a minor rant.

Okay, I don't pretend to be a spectacular artist, but I occasionally do sketches that I'm happy with. These fall into that category.

The first is a self portrait. I don't do them frequently for probably pretty obvious reasons. Or if I do, they aren't especially accurate. This one is more than they generally are.

And then we have Apollo. That would be my Soom Shale. His new wig has arrived, but he is not yet painted. I'm still getting a feel for his personality, but I'm pleased overall.

I tend to bond with my dolls through sewing for them, and exploring how they (their characters) might react to theoreticall situations. Apollo seems to be playful, a bit snarky, and maybe a touch of a hipster. I want to make him a t-shirt or three with "ironic" sayings. Overall though he seems to be pretty sweet, and have a clear sense of what he wants to wear, which makes things easy in theory. So far, I've made him a pair of star-print boxer-briefs, and I have fabric set aside to make him a hoodie or t-shirt (or both), and some denim. I need to draft a skinny jean pattern.

If weather permits, Apollo will probably get faceupped tomorrow morning. There's just too much going on tonight for that to be an option.

Side rant:

I'm very very pleased Pherret enjoyed his vacation and came home safely. I am displeased that he's been spooling back up a bit more each day since his return. He was really chill and relaxed for about four days, and has been chippy on a sliding scale for the last three days. Sunday we were all home for the first time in MONTHS, because I used to work every weekend. It was a pretty quiet mellow day until out of the blue he snapped off about how he was sick of hearing us yell at Ringo and the dogs all damn day. Osaka and I exchanged a side glance and bit our tongues. We'd been calling Ringo and the dogs most of the day, just like "Hey come here a minute" or "Hey Bitsy/Sadie, lay down/come here/get out of that". Basic commands/direction none of which were said in anything more than a casual/relaxed tone.

I'm so tired of him being stressed out all the time. I want to be supportive and I KNOW it's the PTSD, but I've just lost all patience for him. It's come down to me retreating into my headphones with a quiet word to Osaka that I've reached my max Pherret Socialization. How sad is that? He's seriously one of my very good friends, and while he and I aren't as close as Osaka and I are, I'd like to be able to be frank and honest with him, and I just CAN'T talk to him about it at all. All attempts turn into him talking over the person, and/or flat out ignoring/misinterpreting what they say. He gets crazy beligerant, and rude, and there's just no talking to him.

I am so exasperated. He's a great friend, but he's incredibly hard to live with, with the PTSD. It wasn't like this (at least not NEARLY to this extent) pre-Afghanistan.

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